BREAKING: Drug Charges Dropped Against Dem Senator For Testimony Against Clintons

Senator Henry Lindsey of New Jersey won’t face charges for drug production and trafficking as long as he can testify to enough incriminating evidence against the Clinton crime family, which he assures investigators he certainly can. The Clintons, who have brushed this off as another right-wing “witch hunt,” continue to remain silent and secluded on their upstate New York compound.

US Attorney Marshal Breneman of the 73rd district for New Jersey says Lindsey’s testimony will be a major obstacle for the Clintons and their criminal foundation to overcome:

“We won’t rest until we get justice for the dozens of people killed for the benefit of these horrible people.”

As far as Lindsay goes, he will resign from the Senate under several morals and ethics clauses. His lawyer said the prosecutor made the right call, since Lindsay would never have gone to trial anyway. He had rented rooms to friends who could have been responsible and he never actually existed at all, making it nearly impossible for him to do much of anything illegal.

Lindsay’s CIA dossier has been updated and he will live out his days with an alias far from the Clinton Crime Syndicate’s reach.