German Government Confiscates 6 Apartment Buildings to give to Muslim Migrants after Forcing the Building Owner to Renovate, Costing Him Hundreds of Thousands!

A German council in the city of Hamburg has officially started confiscating privately owned apartment buildings in order to make room for Muslim migrants.


Over the past 2 years, thousands of Muslim migrants from Syria and throughout the Middle East have attempted to set up residence in the city of Hamburg. Some estimates say up to 400 migrants were arriving per day!


Hamburg was already struggling to provide housing for its 1.7 million residents even before the massive influx of Muslim migrants began in 2015.


The 6 flats that have been vacant since 2012 were confiscated to provide housing for JUST Muslim migrants (not German citizens that have been looking for housing in the area) to not only have homes, but to have fully renovated homes at the cost of the apartment building’s owner.


According to estimates, these renovations will cost the apartment building’s owner at least 5 figures!

City officials have also started confiscating commercial properties and converting them into housing for Muslim migrants at the cost of German taxpayers.


This however is the first time the seizure of property would be applied to privately owned residential buildings, Gatestone analysts say.


Hamburg’s Socialist and Green party councils have established a hotline for people to snitch on property owners who leave their property vacant for longer than 4 months, which means the city could come in and take it, just as they did these buildings.


Berlin also attempted property confiscation idea back in 2015, but the idea was shot down for being unconstitutional.


According to official stats, under Angela Merkel’s leadership, Germany has accepted around 1.8 – 2.1 million Muslim migrants into Europe’s richest nation, already granting asylum for at least 300,000 of them, while another 1.5 million are still waiting for processing.


The cost of housing and providing welfare to these Muslim migrants has skyrocketed Germany’s debt at least $1.6trilllion.


Now, that is before the 2nd generation of migrant children is born. Once they reproduce offspring that number is expected to double or triple and considering 80% of the Muslim migrants are currently receiving welfare benefits from a system they never paid into things could get really bad, really fast.