‘Joe The Plumber’ Dies In Freak Accident After Announcing Bid For Congress

“Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, the tradesman who made a name for himself by making Obama look foolish on the campaign trail in 2008, died this morning unexpectedly when a piece of heavy equipment fell over and crushed him at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in his hometown of Camden, New Jersey.

Joe, who wasn’t really a licensed plumber and has since held onto his 14 1/2 minutes of fame somehow, had just announced that he was running for Senate to replace Senator Hal Lindsay, who was found dead of a heart attack yesterday after his ranch in Minnesota was raided for drugs and tied to the Clinton Foundation.

The Wurzelbacher family has asked for privacy during this troubling time. His wife released a statement a moment ago thanking Joe’s fans for support and asking them to go and click on as much as possible on his “Joe For America” website so she and her kids can somehow survive without him. A GoFundMe was set up you can use for donations to a great cause.

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